Lots of energy project have become more prominent day by day in Japan, since oil prices have been increasing and the energy policy relying on the nuclear power has changed.

At the same time, in addition to shale gas field development, the target field of conventional oil and gas has changed significantly, not only on land and/or for shallow water, but also for the deep-water, along with the evolution of technical capabilities.
Given the above, we will be able to provide you with an appropriate solution for such various risks by using our wealth of experience in insurance arrangements.

Our Major Services for Unincorporated Joint Venture Projects

  • Review insurance articles on JVA/SPA etc.
  • Introduce and explain essential insurance lines
  • Estimate insurance cost
  • Review state insurance regulations for project site
  • Provide comparison of Operator Program and Own Program
  • Review the lender’s requirement in respect of insurance
      (In the case of Project Finance arrangement)
  • Review state tax regulations in respect of insurance arrangements
  • Structure a competitive insurance program
  • Negotiate with insurance companies and secure the capacity of those companies
  • Review and explain the finalized insurance policy
  • Arrange insurance policy through local insurer for project site
  • Support claim settlement and keep loss records
  • Maintain smooth communication between policyholders and insurers
  • Review and improve the current program at the renewal