IPP / Chemical / Mining / Infrastructure


A variety of projects such as infrastructure development, metallic resources exploitation, and plant construction are being developed worldwide. The potential risks each project has rapidly change in accordance with the project’s expanding scale and highly developed operation. In addition, previously we often saw that our customers contracted for only the construction work (engineering, procuring equipment, constructing, and commissioning); however, nowadays they positively get involved in project operation as project owners.

When you implement a project as an owner, insurances should be arranged during not only construction period, but during the operation period as well. Additionally, the insurances have to fulfill the requirements of all involved parties such as off-taker, land-owner, and lenders.

We can provide appropriate solutions for the variety of risks you may be facing, during every single phase of the project.

Our Services (Typical Case)

  • Review insurance clauses in project documents
  • Introduce and explain essential insurance lines
  • Estimate insurance cost
  • Support a bid for insurance advisor and a comparative review
  • Review the lender’s requirement in respect of insurance
  • Check the insurance regulations in the country where the project is launched
  • Conduct preliminary work for cooperating with an appointed international broker
  • Collect and sort out underwriting information
  • Structure a competitive insurance program with the appointed broker
  • Negotiate with insurance companies and secure the capacity of those companies
  • Review and explain the finalized insurance policy wording
  • Support claim settlement and keep loss records
  • Maintain smooth communication between a policyholder and insurers
  • Review and improve the current program at the renewal