Marine Hull


Completely surrounded by ocean, Japan has been working hard to develop its excellent merchant ship fleets and large number of advanced technology ship yards, and is leading the world in the maritime and shipbuilding industry.

Given the above, the marine hull insurance business, which was born in Europe, has been developed in Japan in a very unique way, focusing on these excellent ship fleets or shipyards, and has bloomed into prominence in the global market  today.

Henceforth, the increasing imports of shale gas will push the industry to build and operate a large number of LNG carriers, and various high-valued ships to support offshore oil and gas exploitation projects are expected to emerge.

Responding to such trend, risks surrounding maritime-related parties such as ship owners, charterers, ship builders, and financial lenders are diversifying, and arranging appropriate insurance is becoming even more important.

We, at Mitsui & Co. Risk Solutions Ltd., will support our customers by conducting a detailed analysis of the risk they hold, proposing the optimum risk solution scenario, and then arranging the best insurance program for them.

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Ship’s Life Stage and Marine Hull Insurance Lines